NEWS 2019

Live Painting competition. Battle of the Brush #36: G.O.A.T
Greatest of All Time themed.

I am painting on a team with Arvid Wangen!
@ Heritage Hall, Vancouver
Fri, Feb 22, 8:30pm

Battle of the Brush 36: G.O.A.T

Live Paint Battle, Feb 2019 @ Harbour Centre, Vancouver

NorthVan Arts

This is a unique group show of artwork that you can rent to own.
I have 2 paintings in this show. Come meet the artists on Feb 14 at 7pm at 355 Lonsdale in North Vancouver. I will be there too!
If not swing by Mon-Sat until March 16.
Generous hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 9am-5pm, Thurs 9am-8pm, Sat, 12-5pm.


I got a review from my Artist Lecture!

“Chrissy recently gave an artist lecture at the Port Moody Arts Association. The group learned how to not only see but feel and understand through her lecture. Chrissy’s art demo was immensely informative and inspirational.

I like how she took the group on a journey.  It was a visual history lesson on famous painters and their unique styles. Chrissy showed how to grind pigment and make paint. She also had an enjoyable film of why it began like this.  I enjoyed the slide show and the explanation of her paintings; particularly the paintings titled BIPOLAR AND DEPRESSION.  The work had movement, it was fresh and innovated.

We also learned a new take on colour theory. The talk Chrissy Cheung gave was extraordinary.  You could feel the energy and the attentiveness from the audience.  Especially that moment when all the chairs moved forward. The dead silence that followed. You could of heard a pin drop while the members waiting for her to continue.” – Diane Norrie. Nov 5, 2018

Port Moody Arts Association coordinator.

Oct 28- 7pm-9pm
Guest Lecturer @ Port Moody Arts Association
on PAINTING and Pigments.


Group show: Transcendence @ Capulet Art Gallery, Richmond, BC

Live Painting competition. I painted on team with Claudine Gévry.
Battle of the Brush #35 @ Heritage Hall, Vancouver

Opening of Whisper with PAINTER8 @ ModArt Gallery, Miami

Sliver, Group show with PAINTER8
@ Charles Clark Gallery, East Van

PAINTER8 Sliver exhibition card

Group show @ North Van Arts, North Vancouver

North Vancouver art show evite



Solo exhibition: Dessins contemporains
@ Maison de la Culture Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal

evite Maison de la Culture exhibition








a Visual language exhibition